What Is Montessori School?

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What do Larry Page and Sergey Brin founders of Google, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Jimmy Wales founder of Wikipedia, Taylor Swift and Yo Yo Ma all have in common? They all went to Montessori school. They all developed creative thinking at an early age.

“The Montessori learning method establishes a collaborative environment.. as well as self-directed learning and discover.” Steve Denning, Forbes August 2011.

The greatest discoveries sit upon a mountain of failure. Montessori methods go against the traditional educational methods. We are given very little opportunity, for instance, to perform our own original experiments, and there is also little or no margin for failure or mistakes. We are judged primarily on getting the answers right. There is much less emphasis on developing our creative thinking abilities, our abilities to let our minds run imaginatively and to discover things on our own. But most highly creative achievers don’t begin with brilliant ideas, they discover them.

So what exactly is Montessori and where did it come from? Watch this documentary entitled, “What is Montessori?” for a deeper understanding of what Montessori education is and what it can do for your child.

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