Primary Summer Camps 2017

June 12 – 16 — Recycled Arts!- Reduce, reuse and re-purpose are the magic words this week! Learn how to make cool crafts using recycled materials, create critters from natural objects, make beads, mix up cave paint and much more!
June 19 – 23 — The Wizarding World of Beginnings Montessori!- Welcome to a world of magic! We’ll be making our very own capes and wands, mixing up some potions, taste testing some chocolate “frogs” and even participating in a magic show!
June 26 – 30 — Mad Science!- Sinking, floating, melting, flowing! Fizzing, bubbling! Flying, launching, gliding!, Ooey, gooey! These are just some of the concepts we will be exploring this week! Plus, we’ll get to work with a real Mad Scientist!
July 10 – 14 — Pirates, Ahoy!- Ahoy, landlubbers! Join our pirate crew– We’ll be creating our own pirate alias, designing some pirate gear, and learning to decode secret pirate messages. If you’re brave enough, we’ll even be hunting some pirate treasure, as well as playing Sink the Ship, CannonBall blast, and Swab the Deck!
July 17 – 21 — Movin’ and Groovin’!- Bring your dancing shoes! We’ll be learning various types of dances from all around the world, discover how different cultures use dance, and we will even be putting on our own performance at the end of the week!
July 24 – 28 — Journey Through the Storybook Forest– Discover the science hiding between the pages of your favorite stories! We will test the materials the 3 little pigs used to build their homes, grow our own beanstalks, and follow the breadcrumbs to help Hansel and Gretel. With a little help from the power of pretend, we’ll examine these stories and more!
July 31 – August 4 — Planes, Trains and Automobiles! Bikes and Boats, too!- What makes airplanes fly up into the sky? What makes trains move and cars go whizzing by? Join us for a journey featuring our favorite modes of transportation. Learn about flight, locomotion, and gravity. Play games, create art, and visit the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad and C&O Canal boat replica!
August 7 – 11 — Fun in the Sun!- We’ll close out the summer soaking up those last rays of sunshine! Bring a swimsuit or a change of clothes, because this is going to be one wet and wild week! Water relays, obstacle courses, and water balloon fun! We’ll also be making our own lemonade and popsicles, as well as creating some amazing art with sand and water!