Montessori Elementary

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Imagine a school where children can progress at their own pace, regardless of their ability. One that provides each child the opportunity to make decisions about what they want to know, and when to move on to another subject. Imagine a school that teaches with hands on materials. Allowing children to absorb information using all their senses. Imagine a school that is a true community of learners. This is Montessori Elementary school.

Beginnings Montessori now offers a Lower and Upper Elementary program:

Lower Elementary – grades 1 – 3, children ages 6 – 9

Upper Elementary – grades 4 – 6, children ages 10 – 12

The Montessori Elementary Program

  • Offers students an expansive course of study to support his/her burgeoning independence and potential
  • Provides a thoughtfully prepared child-centered learning environment where students work collaboratively and cooperatively
  • Inspires students through “The Great Lessons” – impressionistic and scientific stories giving students the “big picture” of cosmology, astronomy, earth science, geography, chemistry, physics, biology, botany, history, geology, anthropology, cultural & social studies, language, math, music, physical education, and art
  • Empowers and excites students with its multi-age, interdisciplinary approach to learning
  • Brings its students a cosmic education and connectedness to humankind and their environment
  • Creates confident leaders and community builders as part of their “Going Out”- where students navigate the world around them with real life experiences and responsibilities

Come into the classroom in this video produced by the American Montessori Society in February 2011.

For more information about Beginnings Montessori Elementary school and to schedule a tour please call 301-722-2220. If you’d like to learn more about Montessori education, please visit our “What is Montessori School?” page.. When you’re ready to start the registration process, please fill out our registration form.