Elementary Summer Camps 2017

June 12 – 16 — Box Trolls Unite!-Welcome to maker camp! Bring your project ideas and your imagination, and we will supply the tools (hot glue, cardboard, duct tape, etc) for you to create! Daily challenges will fuel and inspire your fun! Work together or alone to build something awesome-the only limit is your imagination!
June 19 – 23 — Potions and Wizards!- What would it be like to attend Hogwarts? This week, we will try to find out by concocting some fun, creating our own wands and capes, and learning some magic! Each day there will be a special class focusing on potions, charms, herbology, divinations, and defense against the dark arts!
June 26 – 30 — Breads, Cakes, and Cookies!-Join us for baking science! Each day we will focus on a delicious dessert and the science behind it with hands on experiments. At the end of the week, we will set up a bakery to “sell” our goods!
July 10 – 14 — Ahoy, Matey! Pirates Ahead!-Discover your pirate past as we sail the seven seas! This week we will create pirate costumes, go on treasure hunts, learn pirate codes, and have epic battles! No scallywags allowed!
July 17 – 21 — Theater Week, Tech Week!-“The Theater, the Theater-what’s happened to the Theater?” This week we will explore different roles in the theater-stage manager, costume designer, set designer, director, lighting, and more! We will have special guests who will talk about their jobs in theater; we will play fun theater games; and we will prepare for the upcoming show!
July 24 – 28 — Theater Week, Show Time!-Let’s put on a show and give back to the community! This week, we will work together to choose, design, and direct a show! At the end of the week, we will send out special invitations for parents and the local nursing homes to join us in our performance.
July 31 – August 4 — Pedals, Gears, and Wheels!-Calling all riders! Let’s explore the science behind bikes through hands-on experiments! We will have visitor’s speak about bikes, learn how to care for our bikes, and go on our own cycling adventures!
August 7 – 11 — Shells, Shanties, and Clambakes!-Let’s have a beach party! Let’s celebrate summer with some fun in the sun! Every day will be a party as we explore beaches and play soaking wet games-can you win the beach towel relay? Bathing suits and sunny attitudes required!